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Whimsical Celebrations LLC Terms and Policies


  1. Parties, events, and celebrations will entail planning, creation, preparation, development, and delivery services, thus requiring at least a seven-day notice when canceling a requested party, event, or celebration. Deposits are non-refundable. However, if a canceled or rescheduled session occurs LESS THEN a 7 DAY NOTICE given to the Celebration Extraordinaire, the client will be charged for the entirety of that event, party, or celebration. Certain exceptions may be excluded, but client must communicate with Whimsical Celebrations LLC and will be at Whimsical Celebrations LLC discretion.

  2.  NO SHOWS will automatically be charged for that party, event, or celebration.  The party, event, or celebration must be paid in full prior to scheduling the next party/event/celebration. 

  3.  Rates are as listed and subject to change giving clients one month notification.

  4.  If Whimsical Celebrations LLC or client is aware of illness such as a running a fever or covid19; party/event/celebration will be canceled.  If awareness of illness is known by the client prior to 24-hours previous to party/event/celebration and communication has occurred under the 24-hour mark, the client will be responsible for payment of that day’s party/event/celebration in full.  If you are unsure if you should cancel and reschedule your party/event/celebration PLEASE CALL Whimsical Celebrations LLC and inform them what is going on as soon as possible. 

  5.  If client wishes to change the length of the party/event/celebration a three-day notice must be given.  If shortening party/event/celebration under the three-day mark, client will be responsible for the full amount of original booked session.  Adding time to your party/event/celebration is possible, but is not a guarantee. There will be an added $100/hourly charge. 

  6.  Clients under the age of 18 MUST BE ATTENDED by a legal guardian, parent, or pre-approved adult. 

  7.  Terms and Policies may be subject to change at any point and time and will require the client to sign upon Whimsical Celebrations LLC’s request.

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